Our Story

Yoga Inspired With Love

Born in a yoga studio, every Jala piece is designed with the yogatic lifestyle in mind. Beauty, meaning, comfort and function are all key aspects of the brand. Jala's effortless style moves with you in the studio and through each part of your life. 

Mindful Creations

Whether you are looking for high performance, eco-friendly prints, aquatic & hot yoga fabrics, inspirational graphics or just something you can wear every day, Jala is the brand for you.  Jala's founder, Kelly Kolterman, launched Jala in Redondo Beach, CA in 2010.  Jala is Sanskrit for “sacred waters of life” and in yoga, water symbolizes transformation, creativity, and adaptability.  Jala’s logo, the lotus flower, symbolizes infinite possibilities and connecting to a higher consciousness. Jala's soft, buttery fabrics, comfortable flowing styles, and positive designs fuse fashion with mindfulness, yoga and an active lifestyle.

Giving Back With Love

Jala is committed to following ethical and responsible business practices including recycling and sourcing eco-friendly fabrics. Learn more here. Many of our manufacturers are family-owned California businesses that manufacture locally here in Los Angeles. Every Jala purchase supports YogaGivesBack.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women and children in India to build sustainable livelihoods. Learn more here.  Feel good knowing your purchase will change a life!