Jala Gurus

Lawrence Kolterman

Chief Operating Officer

Growing up a "Navy Brat" Lawrence has the distinct privilege when asked where was from to say "from all over".  Being no stranger to change, he left the corporate world of insurance after 23 years to join the Jala Team as COO. He is married to Kelly, the founder and CEO of Jala and wanted to provide 100% of his time and efforts in support of Kelly in achieving their vision for Jala. Lawrence has a Bachelor's degree in History from California State University Sacramento and his life and work experience make him a perfect fit for Jala's leadership team. He enjoys spending time with his family, friends and traveling. 


Kristina Villeses

Sales Assistant

Kristina was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, CA. She's a recent graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in Visual Communication and possesses a background in fashion. When not relaxing at the beach with her fiancé and family, she enjoys hiking, circuit training, biking and yoga. Sociable, fun and caring, Her drive and commitment makes her a great addition to the Jala team!

Brittany Cornett

Production Coordinator

An essential part of Jala, Brittany makes certain that all the aspects of inventory and production at Jala are taken care of. Best part? She does it all with a smile! Down-to-earth, Brittany is anything but a "drama-queen," even though theatre was her major during college. Now she enjoys singing soulful songs, indulging in sushi and yoga. Brittany is very devout in her faith, and focused on cultivating positive relationships with her family, her friends, and her husband.


Sheranne Jackson

Customer Service Coordinator/Sales Assistant

Sheranne was born and raised in Los Angeles and considers herself a true California Girl at heart. Sheranne is an alumni of FIDM and earned her yoga instructor certification in Rishikesh India. She loves to travel, especially to visit her boyfriend in the Dominican Republic. Sheranne loves being part of the Jala Team because it bridges the gap between her love for both yoga and fashion.



Adam Talbot

Shipping and Fulfillment Assistant

Adam really enjoys anime and cosplaying in his free time. His favorite game to cosplay is Kingdom Hearts. While he isn't working hard at Jala, he enjoys learning to sew, and he has recently taken up hoop dancing. He's even got a few tricks down already!