Jala Ambassador Program Terms & Conditions



This agreement describes the terms and conditions for participation in the Ambassador Program. The terms “ ambassador”, “you,” and “your” are referring to you, the applicant. “we”, “our”, “us” refer to jala™


This agreement will begin upon our acceptance of your Ambassador Application and will end when terminated by either party in writing. 

Becoming an ambassador, does not establish any legal or financial relationship with Jala. you are not an employee, agent, franchisee or partner of the company. You cannot act on behalf of the company.  You do not have any authority to incur debt, obligation, or liability on behalf of the company. 

We reserve the right to terminate an Ambassador’s position at any time, with or without reason, by giving the other party written notice of termination. 

Jala may at any time, terminate, change, limit, modify or cancel the Jala Ambassador Program or any rules, regulations, benefits or conditions of participation by posting the modified rules on this page. Your continued participation in the program after such posting will constitute your acceptance. 


The Ambassador may not use any copyright, trademark, service mark, or general branding of Jala without full disclosure and permission of Jala. 

Ambassador may not:

Frame the Ambassador’s website to look like the Jala’s website or to utilize the Jala’s branding in any way that would confuse customers or the general public as to who is hosting or promoting such a website; 

Take any action that could reasonably cause any customer confusion as to Ambassador’s relationship with Jala, or as to the site on which any functions or transactions (e.g., search, order, browse, and so on) are occurring; 

Read, intercept, record, redirect, interpret, or fill in the contents of any electronic form or other materials submitted to Jala by any person or entity; 

Seek to purchase or register any domains or other identifiers that include variations on the trade or service marks or names of the Jala intended to approximate misspellings or typographical mistakes of same or which otherwise would constitute typo or domain squatting, including variations thereof for use in any search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service unless otherwise agreed to by the Jala. Jala may cancel the Ambassador participation in this subscription, withhold or cancel rewards, or take any other action at its sole discretion should the Ambassador carry out any of the behavior above or fail to operate with integrity or within the guidelines of the FTC; 

Seek to purchase or register any keywords, search terms or other identifiers related to the trademarks of the Jala or the trade or service marks or names of promoter’s primary competitors, including misspellings or variations thereof for use in any search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service unless otherwise agreed to by the promoter.

Ambassadors must be in compliance with all FTC guidelines, and the terms and conditions of this agreement. 


As an ambassador, we provide personalized codes for you to use and have your referrals use with their purchase, online at Jalaclothing.com. this code is not to be shared on public coupon/discount websites. 


As an ambassador, you will be eligible to purchase Jala apparel at 40% off at Jalaclothing.com. ambassadors will be featured on Jala’s ambassador social gallery at jalaclothing.com.  

Ambassadors will be eligible for the rewards available under the Jala rewards program. All other terms and conditions of the Jala rewards program will apply. 

You will also be eligible for additional rewards for posting Jala sales and for eligible purchases made online at jalaclothing.com by customers referred by you who utilize at checkout, your unique promo code generated by Jala and shared by you. Points cannot be earned on any taxes, shipping and handling charges and any other fees on these purchases. Points earned by customer referral purchases, are not earned and redeemable until 30 days after the date of purchase. Points will not be earned and rewarded on returned goods. 

All customer information collected shall be owned by the Jala and it is at the

Sole discretion of the jala whether or not the customer information will be shared with the Ambassador. 

Rewards cannot be re-used, transferred, sold, refunded or redeemed for cash (except where required by law) 

All other terms and conditions of the Jala rewards program will apply. 

To place an order using rewards voucher in combination with the 40% off ambassador discount, Ambassadors must contact Jala at buzz@jalaclothing.com

All Ambassador purchases are final and non refundable. purchases may be eligible for exchange with prior approval from Jala. Ambassadors are responsible for return shipping and costs. 


By being an Ambassador, you have the opportunity to have a personal profile on our website with all of your info (photo, bio and interview questions) + your social media links.  


As an Ambassador ,we expect you to represent our brand in good taste. we encourage you to be unique and creative when posting and sharing. 

Restrictions on creating or sharing content associated with Jala name/products/gear:

  • X-rated and promote sexually explicit material
  • Promoting violence and/or drug use
  • Promoting discrimination based on race, sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or age
  • Promoting illegal or questionable activities
  • Violating intellectual property rights
  • Violating or not being in compliance with FTC Endorsement Guides concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials 

*Not following any of the above terms will lead to immediate code deactivation and removal from the Jala ambassador program, followed by a permanent block*