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Up, Up, and Away!

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Swinging, hanging, pulling, stretching -- it's hard not to feel like you're flying in an aerial yoga class. That's exactly how I felt yesterday when I had my first experience with aerial yoga, flipping upside-down and somehow contorting my body into unbelievable arches. It honestly feels like you have wings!

Despite the slight nausea I experienced towards the end -- something Art of Flying Yoga owner Rubi Rymenmy says is normal at first, much like being carsick or seasick -- the entire experience filled me with total bliss. I didn't realize how much upper body strength I actually possessed until I found myself pulling my entire body up and doing warrior II in mid-air. This, by the way, is coming from a girl who can't do one pull up. If it isn't obvious, this experience was one of my favorite athletic adventures thus far. 

Aerial yoga is definitely something that seems more intimidating than it actually is. Now, that's not to say it's easy - it's not. Some experience with inversions or a basic yoga class definitely helps. However, I found the range of experience between each class member varied greatly, from Jala Founder & CEO Kelly who is a certified yoga instructor, to Jala Guru Brittany C. who has very little yoga experience, so I think anyone can do it if they really want to. Anyway, any strength or tribulation this class did take I found took the back seat to the amount of pure fun I was having. I highly recommend everyone try aerial yoga in their life, at least once, and especially at Art of Flying Yoga here in the South Bay!

Here's some pictures of our amazing class! Have you ever done aerial yoga before? Tell us about your experience in the comments section!

Guys, you have no excuses; this is for both guys and girls! This is Jala Guru Todd doing the most amazing backbend. Notice Brittany L. looking gorgeous in the background on the left! 

Me wearing our old Galaxy Leggings (wish we still had those) and Jala CEO & Founder wearing the Jala Cut Leggings.

Brittany L. wearing the new Luna Leggings.

And then we went into shavasana and became beautiful butterflies in little cocoons! This part of class was much like laying in your favorite hammock with the most amazing, calming music in the background. I wish there was a class of only shavasana. Is that a thing or no?


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