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July Yoga Challenge!

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Make your own yoga class with Olympus Yoga's #JoinUsTogetherJuly challenge! Each day in the month of July, post a picture of yourself practicing a yoga pose assigned by Olympus Sup Yoga (see the image above). Then on the 7th day, put the first 6 photos together in any order via flipogram or any other photo joining app, or post a video of yourself practicing all 6 daily poses in any sequence you choose (including modified or advanced variations). We will suggest sequencing and tips to make the most out of these poses! You will follow this same format in the following 3 weeks of July as well.

Each week is made up of different parts:

Week One - The Warm Up

Week Two - Standing Sequences

Week Three - Balance & Inversions

Week Four - Closing Sequences + 2 Days of Yogi's Choice Posts

Once you've reached the 31st of July, you will put the whole thing together! Put your posts from the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th together into one 15 second video (you can speed up your video via whichever app you choose to make it fit), or use flipogram or any other photo joining app of your choice. The 29th and 30th of July will serve as "yogi's choice" days, so choose whatever pose you want for these days and add them wherever you want in your sequence.

This 31 day challenge is accessible to all levels of yoga, even brand new yogis! We will guide you every step of the way. Keep track of your daily progress with photos or videos, sharing them with your July Instagram family by tagging #JoinUsTogetherJuly under each post.

Here's what you do:

  1. Follow your hosts: Michelle @olympussup, Heather @heathertleo, Sarah @sehsa, Bryan @playfulpractice, Anneliese @thesupyogi.
  2. Follow your sponsors: @JalaClothing, @HuggerMuggerYoga, @VintageHavana, @GurooActive, @MonkeyGYoga
  3. Repost this challenge collage (image above) and tag your hosts and sponsors so we know you're in! 
  4. Practice daily and post all 30 days and final class sequence on day 31. Every post must contain the following tags/hashtags: #JoinUsTogetherJuly, @OlympusSup, @Heathertleo, @Sehsa, @PlayfulPractice, @TheSupYogi, @JalaClothing, @HuggerMuggerYoga, @VintageHavana, @GurooActive, and @MonkeyGYoga.

If you miss a day, it's OK! Just catch up and have all 31 days posted by Aug 4, 2014. Please message hosts with any questions you might have. This challenge is to help you Join daily poses together to build a Well Rounded class sequence yourself. Practice daily and keep breathing. Looking forward to this amazing challenge with you all!

Here's Week One "Warm Up":

1. Mountain Pose 

2. Forward Fold

3. Chair Pose 

4. Down Dog 

5. Four-Limbed Staff Pose 

6. Up Dog 

7. Sequence Poses Together!



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