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Guru Style By Amelia

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When it comes to yoga style, us Jala Gurus like to think we have it pretty much down to a science. Here’s some insight on how model, yoga instructor, and Jala Clothing wholesale sales Guru Amelia Robb dolls herself up before class.

Q1. What is your favorite Jala outfit for your practice? 

A. Hmm, that's hard! If I had choose from everything I have I'd wear coral karma's with my black chakra racerback tank.

Q2. How do you accessorize? (Ex. I love wearing my uggs to class so I can just slip them on afterwards).

A. I like to wear flip flops. Rainbows are my favorite but they're so popular I have to tie a ribbon on them so they don't get confused with anyone else's. 

Q3. Do you wear any makeup to class? If so, how do you do it?

A. No makeup! :)

Q4. Keeping your hair from falling in your face during class is so annoying. How do you keep your locks secure?

A. I do a bun that's high enough so it doesn't touch the floor if I'm lying on my back, but still far enough back that it doesn't get in the way if the peak pose turns out to be headstand. I use two hair ties and it's always a little messy but still pretty secure.


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